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    To save authors time, protocols can be submitted in any format; our dedicated editing team will format the protocols for the authors. The publishing itself is free: there is no publication fee.
    High quality

    Each protocol must be first validated in a research paper. Then, each protocol undergoes rigorous peer review, which ensures both the quality and the clarity of protocols.
    Open communication and updatable protocols

    Users can contact authors via our "Q&A" feature, and can post their feedback via our "Share your feedback" feature, enabling protocols to be updated.
    Gregory Finnigan
    Professor at Kansas State University
    "The reviews we received from Bio-protocol were very insightful and greatly improved the clarity of our protocols."
    Murugappan Sathappa
    Research scientist at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
    "I truly appreciate the mission of Bio-protocol to publish protocols that can be reproduced by others."
    Meenal Sinha
    Associate specialist at UCSF
    "Reviewing for Bio-Protocol has been very rewarding on multiple levels. The Bio-Protocol team is very professional and efficient."


    Recognizing the need for greater reproducibility in scientific research,
    our collaborating journals encourage their authors to publish step-by-step methods in Bio-protocol.

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